Diploma Reflexology Courses in Wiltshire

Professional Reflexology Training

Accredited Reflexology Courses in the South West The School of Holistic Reflexology based in Wiltshire, no longer offers the 7 unit Reflexology Diploma Courses.

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Format Of The Course

As an aid to help you find a good course in your area the following information may be still be useful.

The course covers 13 sessions over 18 months. Each session of 6 ½ hours is generally divided into theoretical knowledge in the morning (when the brain is more likely to be awake) and practical in the afternoon. his provides a good chance to experience the techniques as well as learning how to practise professionally.

The reflexology courses have a considerable amount of home study to be completed. In the first part of the course it is based on the anatomy and physiology learnt in the session and the associated conditions and treatment plans. During the second half of the course the theory tends to relate to business, health and safety and practice management issues.
All work will form part of the final assessment.

From the ninth month of the reflexology courses students will start to build up their practical assessment profile. This is made up of:

A session will be organised for students to acquire a simple First Aid Certificate suitable for reflexologists in the workplace. This is required by the Association of Reflexologists for full AoR membership
The accredited reflexology courses are examined through practical and theoretical on-going assessments with ABC Awards. Successful completion of this 7 unit ABC Awards level 3 diploma in reflexology qualification will enable you to become a full 'Member of the Association of Reflexologists' (MAR status). You will also be able to acquire insurance with the AoR and be included in their list of practitioners, as long as membership is maintained

The 7 units that make up the accredited Reflexology Course Prospectus are: Theory and Practical, Anatomy and Physiology, Lesser Common Pathology, Health and Safety, Practice Management and Reflective Practise

Although the units that make up the courses are presented in a logical format they do not have to be completed in any set time or order. The diploma will only be presented when all 7 units have been completed. The units achieved can also be carried forward and combined with other units to acquire further qualifications.

Further details

The accredited reflexology courses are aiming for a high level of practical and theoretical training leading to a professional qualification with the ability to feel confident to start a practice and to obtain personal liability and professional indemnity insurance. It is held in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a country setting. The classes are kept small so that learning is an enjoyable experience. You do not need any previous experience and relevant units acquired will be considered for 'prior learning'. The course is suitable for all adults over 18yrs of age and over. All abilities are accommodated although you will need a basic level of education and be conversant in English.

I also recognise the healer in each and every student and encourage you to develop your own development and healing potential in your own individual way throughout the reflexology training.
With this in mind, we will explore other skills that can enhance your practise. These will include:

For Reflexology courses and Natural Therapies,
Including Homeopathy and Kinesiology
In Marlborough, Wiltshire