Natural Crystal Deodorants

Why use Natural Crystal Deodorants?
The body perspires in order to maintain its optimum body temperature and to rid itself of toxic waste. It is only beneficial to perspire but essential. When the body is prevented from carrying out this natural function it dies!
It is particularly important to allow the under arms to perspire as the lymph here help to drain the breast tissue. This helps to keep the breast healthy in both men as well as women.
The body odour associated with under arm perspiration only occurs when bacteria start to feed off the toxins that are in the perspiration. So in stead of stopping the perspiration it is better to reduce the toxins and to prevent the build up of bacteria.
This is where the crystal deodorants comes in. They do not mask the smell like other deodorants or stop the perspiration like anti-perspirants. Instead they help to prevent the build up of bacteria and therefore the smell.

Are they safe?
Deodorant stones are made of naturally mined minerals. Some are food grade and are made from Potassium alum (used to preserve pickles) and some are Agricultural grade made from Ammonium alum. At pH Natural Products we sell the Potassium alum stones.
Being made from food grade salts they are generally safe to use and worth considering for nursing mothers. Babies often explore their mother's skin with their hands while breast-feeding. Whatever is on the skin will then be transferred to their mouth. Using the crystal deodorants may help to prevent unwanted toxins being ingested needlessly. They have the added advantage that they do not leave any white marks on your cloths.

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