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How did Cyla K. Higley come to offer a range of Natural Therapies?

After my son was born, my life as an accountant took a different direction. He started to show signs of eczema and it did not feel right to go down the traditional medical path. My research and personal exploration to find ways to help him led me down the road of natural therapies and dietary changes.


I feel that it is extremely important to pass on my knowledge and training through the Multi-Therapy Centre based in Marlborough, Wiltshire and to my students.

Passing on My Knowledge

For over 30 years I have been seeing clients in my clinic and for 25 years I ran accredited reflexology courses. I would like to pass on all this information to you, so that you can also help and support yourself and your family.

The Personal approach

I believe in a holistic approach to health and healing. With this in mind I offer a healing programme that is individual to you, your needs and preferences. This means that together we can find the combination of Natural Therapies that will have the most effective outcome for you as a whole.
For instance you may need some temporary dietary support, food sensitivity testing, energy healing or some physical manipulation. Each one of these would be individually beneficial but together they work so much better – The Sum is Greater than the Individual Parts.

I like my approach to clients to be as personal and individual as possible.
As one client commented about her daughter's natural therapy treatment:

'I wanted to tell you what a different experience it was for her than any of her medical appointments she's had over last year about this. She's always found them rather distressing but she said that she didn't with you at all - such a different approach which showed sympathy for the whole person not just zoning in on a medical condition.'

In order for you to try one of the many therapies on offer including Reflexology, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Massage or Indian head massage, visit the Multi-Therapy Centre.


In order to help my students have a greater understanding of the energy flow through the body and its relationship to health I have written about theHuman Energy Field in a book called West Meets East. This explains the 5 Elements approach to interpreting what your body is trying to tell you based on acupuncture meridians and the Eastern view of diseases.
It is also includes the role and effects of different foods on your personal energy.
This book has been sub-divided into two handy booklets suitable for both students and anyone interested in learning more about how their body reflects the universal life force.

I have recently been very keen to pass on what I know to new parents. Being a new grandmother has made me realise that many new parents would benefit from some of my accumulated knowledge.
This can be seen in Dolphin Children.

Training Courses

With this in mind I run various Training Courses - Holistic Reflexology and short certificated courses in other natural therapies.

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A past student said about the Diploma Reflexology Course:

'I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering training in Reflexology. After 15 months of Cyla's tuition I feel so knowledgeable about the human body, physical, mind and spirit and confident to start my Reflexology practice.
Other courses may be shorter but this one will truly qualify you to be let loose on the public and make a difference!
Cyla is a wealth of knowledge, energy and warmth - you couldn't find a better tutor and guide.'
Yours ever grateful, J G, (Wiltshire)

I also offer certificated short training courses and work-shops. These will help you to treat friends and family and as further training with CPD points. The courses on offer include Indian Head Massage Courses and Reiki Attunements as well as workshops in Basic Reflexology, Ortho-bionomy and Kinesiology.
I run Tai Chi classes in Marlborough and Liddington to help support all aspects of your health.

Charts and DVDs
The School of Holistic Reflexology DVD set is a great resource for students wishing to learn a good standard of foot reflexology. The 2 DVDs break down the treatment sequence into manageable sections and then put them all together for the complete treatment.

Charts are a great source of handy information.
The Five Element Foot and Hand Reflexology Charts combine the two aspects of reflexology experience and the 5 elements for improved understanding. They are colour-coded according to the Chinese Five Element theory to help you quickly relate specific reflex imbalances with meridian and emotional imbalances.

There is also an Indian Head Massage Chart This is a double-sided A4 chart designed in a similar manner to the reflexology charts. It has diagrams depicting the acupuncture points and 5 element associations on the face, head and upper torso. Each are colour-coded for ease of association. It would also be a valuable addition when used in association with the 5 Elements booklet.

Natural products

As part of my natural approach to life and health I discovered Natural Crystal Deodorants. These are made from natural food-grade salts that impede bacterial growth. The natural salts have been used by indigenous people all around the world in some form to help as a deodorant. They are now made as liquid sprays and you can buy them from pH Natural Products.