Crystal Deodorant Fact Sheet

The idea of using Potassium Sulphate as a deodorant has been used for over 100 years in several countries around the world.

Potassium Sulphate has the natural property of inhibiting bacterial growth which is one of the reasons that it is sometimes used as a food preservative.

When this natural deodorant is applied a layer of mineral salts is left on the surface of the skin. This helps to prevent bacteria growth which is the major cause of body odour.

The Deodorant Stone products are produced using only FOOD PROCESSING GRADE KOSHER CERTIFIED mineral salts. The mineral salts that are used have been inspected and registered by the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act section 404 and 505 in the USA. They are also registered with Health and Welfare in Canada. The Deodorant Stone also complies with UK Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations 1989.

The majority of other stones on the market are imported from Thailand using agricultural grade salts used in fertilisers. Like all deodorant stones on the market today, their product is not mined as some are claiming, they have been processed by a chemical company. The question is: how are they processed? How pure are they? The Deodorant Stone has a minimum purity level of 99.962%.

The Deodorant Stone products are a man-made crystal of food grade Potassium Sulphate. This is a naturally occurring mineral salt found in a powder or pellet form, on or near the surface of the earth in mountainous and lakeland areas of the world.

The Deodorant Stone products are made from crystallised salts over a period of months from an aqueous solution using a special process. The Deodorant Stone products are U.S.F.D.A. inspected, registered and kosher certified potassium alum. No other stone deodorant can make this claim. All of our Deodorant Stone products are produced in the USA.

The Deodorant Stone products:

Roll-ons and sprays are made from salts held naturally in solution. Reports suggest that they can remain effective for a full 24 hours per application. They last around 4 months and can have a fragrance added.

The Deodorant Stone products have not been tested on animals and are B.U.A.V. approved.

Unfortunately the stones were so successful and lasted so long that they became unprofitable to manufacture. This has meant that they are no longer available in the UK

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