Energy Healing Books - West meets East

A modern holistic approach to healing with ancient remedies

While there are many energy healing books written for those with a professional interest in natural healing, the information in 'West meets East' is also aimed at the general reader. It is a demonstration of how so–called 'alternative therapies' (many generated from eastern cultures and Traditional Chinese Medicine) interact with and enhance each other; and how they are entirely compatible with our western culture. It also includes interpretations of the body through face reading or physiognomy
It will be an invaluable addition to any natural therapist, enhancing understanding of the disease process and the efficiency of the therapy used.

Chapter 1 – Is the Past our Future?
Exploring the roots of dis-ease, both mental and physical, and how a holistic, or fully integrated, approach to health and sickness can produce results. It allows a deeper understanding of how the disease time-line develops and therefore the best healing to be effected.

Chapter 2 – Beyond Duality
Energy, what it is, how the Chinese see it, and how it relates to you, via your physical body, your emotions and your environment.

Chapter 3 – Time and Motion Studies
This chapter expands on the previous one and follows the flow of energy through the acupuncture meridians according to the time of day. Associated functions of the body are tied into this energy in order to explain certain mental and physical disorders. Common practices are explored in their effect on the meridians such as body piercing and scars.

Chapter 4 – Points of View
The acupuncture points on your feet, hands, face and back and how you can tap into their hidden benefits and enhance your well-being. How a natural therapist can make use of them during a variety of therapies.

Chapter 5 – Prime Meridians
Exploring the acupuncture meridians further. How this system is used in many forms such as in Reflexology, Kinesiology and Yoga.

Chapter 6 – Sound out your Frequency
The Chakra system from India, Light, Sound and the Electromagnetic forces can be used as stand alone therapies or in combination with other healing methods. Here's how

Chapter 7 – Nature's Resources.
Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Flower essences, crystals and gems, not new age myths but a genuine contribution to our well- being. Here is how and why these systems work

Chapter 8 – It's All in the Mind
Negative thoughts - how they affect the health of our bodies and how to deal with them, however long they have been around.

Chapter 9 – Launch Pad to the Stars
More techniques to get your energy moving freely through you: These work on your body's physical structure and include Chiropractic, Alexander technique, Ortho-bionomy, Bowen therapy and Kinesiology.

Chapter 10 – Are you Looking Well?
Nails, Hair, Tongue and Feet, the markings, colouring and shape of the Face – all clues as to your state of health. Here is how to read your own map including Physiognomy.

Chapter 11 – Food for Thought
Are you using four star fuel in your body? Is your engine well oiled? Does it purr when you start your motor? Your diet is a prime factor in how you function and respond to life. Here you will find the reason why we need particular elements in our diet and why we all need different foodstuffs – in fact here is everything you need to make an informed choice as to what suits your own personal motor!

Chapters 1 and 11 have been combined into Make Your Diet a Recipe for Health. This gives background knowledge to allow an informed decision to be made about tailoring individual diets.

Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 10 have been combined into The 5 Elements Explored. This booklet would be an extremely useful addition to any natural therapist. It allows for a much more in depth assessment of the client's complex condition.

For Natural Therapies and courses,
Including Homeopathy, Kinesiology and Reflexology
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