An Experiential Guide

An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

A natural approach to parenting taking into account mind, body and spirit. A lot of this was channelled and therefore some of the language just "isn't me" but I am trusting that it is saying what is needed - both for the parents and especially the children.

Chapter 1 Starting a Family

Why do You Want a Baby?
What is Stopping you?
Removing the Baggage
Helping Natural Conception
Previous Pregnancies
Reprogramme your Brain to help your Body
The Best Diet
Healthy Hormones
Avoiding a Toxic Cocktail
The True Energy
A Natural Approach
Keeping Yourself Healthy
An Alternative Start
Second Time Around

Chapter 2 Pregnancy and Birth

Early Diet
Natural Therapies
Memories and Patterning
Home or Hospital?
Natural Help
Preparing Yourself
Labour !
Cutting the Cord
A Difficult Birth
Premature Babies
A Different Ending
Is Your Child Perfect?
Early Influences

Chapter 3 Diet and Nutrition

Immediately After Birth
Breast Feeding
The Effects of Human v Cow Milk
Baby's Choice?
Helping Nature
Changing from Breast
Early Food Sensitivity
Changing Milk
Time for New Foods?
Which Foods?
Feeding the Taste buds
Keep it Simple
Dietary Effects
Natural alternatives
The Young Vegetarian
Emotional Meal Times

Chapter 4 Health

What is Health?
The Vaccination Question
Inner Knowledge
Understanding why
Emotional Security
What about Karma?
Drugs – do they do more harm?
Natural help
The Toxic Environment
Early Exercises
Children with 'complications' – whose lesson?
Children are the best healers
Energy for Healing
Children and Pets

Chapter 5 Keeping Parents Sane

Working Parents
Child care as a Successful career
Taking a Break
Insanity is Hereditary – We get it from our children!

Chapter 6 The Extended Family

The Spirit Family
Respecting Age
Wide spread Family unit
Role Models
Getting Support

Chapter 7 Are Children Spiritual?

Are children spiritual?
How Can You Help?
Invisible Friends
Blocking the Energy
How can You Help?
Reclaiming His Spirituality

Chapter 8 The Learning Process

What is learning?
The Blocks to Learning
Emotional Toxicity
Brain Development
Nutritional Support for the Brain
Heavy Metals and the Brain
Early Learning
Starting School
Hyperactivity / Behavioural problems
Attention Deficit Disorder / Autism
Or do our Children Teach us?

Chapter 9 Letting Go

The Dolphin Children
The First Separation
An Early Separation
Earth Family v Spiritual Family
How much Rope?
Are there any Ties?
Children as OUR teachers
The Teenage Years
The Black Period - Depression and Suicide
Natural Help
Personal Control
Letting go

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