Reiki is an ancient system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands and is thousands of years old. It is believed that the technique was first used by Tibetan Buddhist monks and was rediscovered in the 1800's by Mikao Usui. The Usui system is a very simple but powerful healing technique that is easily given and received by everyone

The Word
The word Reiki is Japanese and is pronounced ray-key. The actual words Rei and Ki are thought to originate from Raku –Kei, the energies flowing through the body. Raku, meaning the vertical energies and Ki, meaning the horizontal energies.
Rei can also be translated as the Higher Intelligence or Source that guides the creation and function of the universe. It is the wisdom and that comes from All That Is, which is all knowing and understands the need for, and cause of, all problems and difficulties and how to heal them. Ki is the life force energy that flows through every living thing – people, plants and animals. It is also known as Chi in Chinese and Prana in Sanskrit.
Therefore the two words together mean the Universal Life Force Energy. It is the energy that is guided by subtle wisdom to balance all aspects of a person – body, mind, emotions and spirit for their highest good.

Reiki is different from other systems in that the attunements, or initiations, are an ancient process of tuning the healer's body, both physical and etheric, to a higher vibration. This allows a clear channel for the higher vibrational energy to flow. Once this channel is opened it will remain open for the rest of the healer's life. The Reiki energy moves through the healer's body and releases and dispels blocks and negativity before being channelled through to the recipient.

Illness and disease in the body are blocks in the lower vibrational energy in the person's energy field. The high frequency, potential energy that surrounds the body forms the physical body by reducing the frequency via the chakras and the associated endocrine glands. this energy is then dispersed around the body via the acupuncture meridians, which relate to each of the organs and systems of the body.
Any block in the person's meridians will cause a dis-harmony or dis-ease in the physical, mental or emotional body. These blocks are usually caused by negative and worn-out thought patterns, emotions or reactions to experiences. Reiki energy is a powerful, high vibrational energy which works by raising the vibration of the block and releasing it on all levels. It will help to bring the problem to the fore so that it can be dealt with and the person can gain understanding of their condition and the root cause of it. this can be a very liberating process.

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