Reiki Attunements

Reiki is different from other systems of healing in that the attunements, or initiations, are an ancient process of tuning the healer's body, both physical and etheric, to a higher vibration. This allows a clear channel for the higher vibrational energy to flow. Once this channel is opened it will remain open for the rest of the healer's life. The Reiki energy moves through the healer's body and releases and dispels blocks and negativity before being channelled through to the recipient.

The attunements follow the traditional Usui reiki method. Your channel is opened up like de-scaling a furred-up pipe. Each attunement gradually improves the effectiveness of the flow of reiki energy from physical to spiritual according to each student's own personal requirement.

Reiki 1
The Reiki 1 course attunes you to the gentle healing energies of reiki. It is held in small friendly groups of a maximum of 4 people over a full day. It will include 4 attunements as well as the history of reiki, theory of energy flow, chakras and healing protocol. There will be various meditations to prepare you for the energy upgrade as your channels are prepared for the smooth flow of universal energy.
The first set of reiki attunements tends to clear the physical body. Reiki 1 is a self-growth course that can be used to heal friend, family, plants etc. Many therapists incorporate reiki in their practice with great benefit.

Cost for the day is £95 including refreshments and manual

Reiki 2
The Reiki 2 course re-affirms the flow of reiki energy with 2 further attunements and meditations. It tends to clear the emotional body and also includes the use of symbols for protection, distant healing and emotional healing. You will learn how to use reiki for many different situations and to clear personal healing blocks.
The course is held over one full day in small friendly groups

Cost for the day is £95 including refreshments and manual

Reiki 3
The reiki 3 course is also known as the Reiki Master / Teacher course as it enables you to pass attunements on. There are meditations and a multi-level attunement that tends to work on the spiritual level. You will learn the master attunement symbol and how to pass attunements on to your students.
The course is held over 2 days in small friendly groups or individually.

Cost for the course is £300 including refreshments and manual

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