Massage is as old as man himself and the act of touching another person creates an energy flow between them - a human energy field. If a mother rubs her child's knee after a fall he will feel better but if he has to rub his own knee it will not have the same effect.
There are many different types of massage depending on the pressure and mediums used and the expected outcome. Usually a simple powder or plain oil is used to help the hands move smoothly over the skin.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses a firm pressure on the skin in order to improve the lymph and blood flow to the muscles and to move toxins out of the body. At the same time acupuncture points and meridian ends will be stimulated, which makes a massage a therapeutic treatment not just a luxury. It can be a very stimulating experience but at the same time quite relaxing and always beneficial.

When you practise on each other, children will love it, your partner will enjoy the sense of affection and the older members of your family will feel cared for.


Aromatherapy is a form of massage that incorporates the benefits of applying therapeutic oils, manipulating the tissues of the body and a two way energy inter-change. The essential oil that is extracted from the various parts of plants is believed to contain the odour, flavour, hormones and total energy of the plant. In England these are taken into the body through the skin in a form of massage or via the olfactory sense when inhaled through the nose.

The pressure is usually lighter as it is the absorption of oil through the skin that is important. The movements are still towards the heart in order to improve lymph flow.

Simple forms of aromatherapy have regained popularity over the last decade. Tea tree oil has become the new wonder oil. It is thought to have powerful anti-bacterial properties, which can be used to cleanse and protect. Peppermint foot sprays and oils can be used to soothe and refresh the feet and used for muscle fatigue. Lavender oil is the most versatile oil and probably the best known. It is very relaxing and may be also be used on many skin conditions such as burns.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage would appear to be a simple massage but it incorporates aspects of a variety of different disciplines, working on the upper back, neck, head and face and sometimes incorporating the hands. During the session other disciplines are incorporated such as kinesiology, acupuncture and reiki as well as the usual benefits of massage.

The Metamorphic Technique

The metamorphic technique is also known as Metamorphic reflexology as the feet are the main area to be worked on. It involves very light stroking movements on the instep of the feet, edge of the hands and around the base of the skull. The theory is that the instep relates to the spine and also reflects the gestation period during foetal development. The toe being conception and the base of the heel birth. The areas are gently stimulated in order to increase the person's energy so that he can bring about his own transformation. This may include releasing any imbalances brought into this life during foetal development or from family traits and weaknesses. The process is very gentle but the response can be quite profound.

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