Human Energy Fields

It is a commonly held belief that each human being is a parcel of energy vibrating at a unique frequency. Any disturbances in the energy field will be reflected some how, either physically, mentally or emotionally and sometimes in very subtle ways.
The only person that can truly bring the energy disturbance back to balance is you yourself. As this can feel very lonely and often scary, it is may be beneficial to have someone to help facilitate the changes with you. This is where the Multi-therapy centre in Marlborough, Wilts steps in.

Extracts from West Meets East

Everything on this Earth can be viewed as part of a mass of vibrating particles held together by the electromagnetic field. In fact there is an even more subtle force in the universe that connects everything by an energy field. It is known as chi in China, prana in India and the vital force in homeopathy. this energy field flows through you and everything you take in - your food, drink, air and light and its vibration is unique to you and can change according to your current well being.

When there is a disturbance in this energy flow changes take place inside your body, which can manifest as a physical or emotional illness. Sometimes these changes are so subtle that you often don't notice them for a long time, so the external signs such as discoloration, markings, pain, discharges become more evident. This is like a mobile phone that starts ringing quietly so as not to disturb anyone else. If ignored it rings a little louder and then louder still until you do something about it and either answer the call or allow it to be taken by the answer phone to be dealt with later.

As the energy fluctuates in your body you may feel different sensations. If it decreases you tend to feel cold and numbness and as it rises you can experience heat and pain. Your overall energy may decrease if you are in a lot of pain to help you cope. As healing takes place your energy increases, which may temporarily cause you to feel more pain but ultimately allows you to respond to the treatment more quickly.

Energy flows through us as spirals upwards from the earth and downwards from the sun. The spirals that move upwards represent the passive female yin energy whereas those spiralling downwards represent the active male yang energy. When the two meet they spiral around each other within the human field like the double helix of DNA. These intertwined spirals of energy completely surround your body and also surround every cell and organ within it.

This universal energy is divided into two basic principles, yin and yang, more generally recognised in Eastern cultures. Duality is the two parts of the whole - male/female, positive /negative, hot/cold. We cannot have one without the other because we need the two working in unison to maintain balance.

Not only do we need the two sides of a coin to produce the whole but also the top and bottom of a wave to see motion. Everything in nature needs times of growth and times of rest. We could not survive if we had daylight without night, summer without winter, sun without rain, action without rest. Nothing is static, everything is constantly moving and therefore changing and we need to keep this flow of energy moving through us harmoniously.

Energy comes in many forms including light, sound, heat and food, Anything can affect this harmony – physically, nutritionally, environmentally, emotionally and spiritually and if this happens, then the disharmony can lead to disease and the aging process. The best way to help correct an energy imbalance is to use an energy therapy. There many forms available although some of the best known are acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki and reflexology.

You could also support the healthy flow of your energy through yoga and tai chi. These forms of exercise work on the chakras and meridians in a way that everyone can do for themselves. You may be able to find a class near you to guide you through an exercise regime to help support your mental and physical health.

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