Kinesiology uses muscle testing to determine imbalances or disharmonies in mind, body or spirit. It then has a whole range of techniques to help correct these imbalances.

What is Muscle Testing?
Muscle testing is a non-invasive check on the tone of certain muscles. The Kinesiologist places your arm or leg into a specific start position which isolates the muscle so that others can not help. Then light pressure is applied in the direction of the muscle action. The quality of response to this pressure determines whether or not the muscle is working properly.

How does Muscle Testing relate to the body?
Each muscle has found to be linked to an acupuncture meridian, with its associated emotional, nutritional and energetic components similar to Chinese medicine. An imbalance in any one of these areas can lead to a weakness in the corresponding muscle and vice versa.
Through muscle testing a kinesiologist can detect and help each of the different components of an imbalance. It is important to treat any condition on all levels in order to reach a satisfactory outcome. The aim is to treat the underlying condition rather than palliate some of the symptoms. This means that the whole person is treated and not just the presenting symptoms. Kinesiology can help you integrate natural health solutions with any conventional treatment you are using.

Why use Kinesiology?
Kinesiology uses your body's bio-feedback system, eliminating guesswork. Uniquely, Kinesiology allows the practitioner to determine which treatment to use and in which order the treatments should be done.
Often problems start with very subtle symptoms which can be easily missed. Over time, the subtle symptoms change and become more and more serious until something has to be done. In order to achieve a permanent cure, the original or root cause of the problem needs to be treated so that you are not just treating the symptoms but the problem.
Take an example of a baby who is bottle fed before he is ready. He may emotionally reject the bottle by crying. Then he may physically reject the bottle the only way he can by becoming milk sensitive, showing symptoms of baby colic and toddler diarrhoea. These subtle symptoms are often ignored which can lead to childhood eczema, teenage asthma and adult arthritis.
Kinesiology has a many techniques which enables you to establish and help resolve the root cause of your problem which also gives you back control over your health.

Which Treatments are used?
As we are all biochemically and emotionally different there is no one treatment that suits everyone. As well as specific reflex massage, a Kinesiologist may use a wide variety of treatments, depending on the individual concerned. The combination of therapies is dependent not only on the testing but also on your availability and, most importantly - your preference. One very simple technique is Cross Crawl.

Hair Tests
If you can not get to a therapist you can still have a treatment. A piece of your hair can be used as a 'witness' to your energy. This means that you do not need to be present for the testing. It is like using a magnet to pick up pins. The first pin sticks to the magnet and then other pins stick to the first pin. It does not mean that the pins have become magnetic just that there is a temporary magnetism.
So the client is 'the magnet' and whoever has the sample of hair on them for the testing is the 'temporarily magnetised pin'.

This is also useful when the person is too weak or young to be tested.

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