Homeopathy is a form of natural healing that promotes your own healing abilities. It concentrates on treating the person rather than the disease.

What is a Homeopathic Remedy?
Remedies are derived from many different sources - including plants, minerals and metals and my special ones from the Plutonic solids. All remedies are diluted to such an extent that no trace of the original substance can be found therefore making them extremely safe to use.

They are also succussed (i.e. banged on a surface about 30 times) with each dilution to raise the energies of the substance to different potencies. The water in which the substance is diluted has the ability to hold information. This makes it an ideal medium for holding and transmitting different energies. The succussion imprints the energy characteristics of the original substance into the water. The combination of dilution and succussion gives Homeopathy its characteristic healing properties and unique vibrational signature.

History of Homeopathy
Homeopathy is based on the Hahnemannian principle of treating 'like with like'. Samuel Hahnemann was a German doctor who, in the 1790's, became disillusioned with the medicines of the time and started translating to earn his living instead. While working on some work by a Scottish chemist he came across the use of quinine from the bark of the cinchona tree to treat malaria. When he ate the bark himself he started to get the symptoms of malaria which went away as soon as he stopped. His conclusion was that a substance which causes a set of symptoms when taken, will heal those same symptoms in a sick person when taken in homeopathic potency. Hence the term 'like for like'.
For instance, when stung by a bee the skin becomes red, burning and swollen. Apis Mellifica, the remedy made from the bee sting, is a useful remedy to help treat any skin complaint where there is similar redness, burning and swelling and other burning pain such as cystitis and allergic reactions.

Homeopathic Potency
Not only is it important to match the symptoms to the remedy but also to find the correct potency. By diluting and succussing a substance several times a variety of potencies are produced. These are expressed as numbers according to how many times they have been diluted. The lower potencies relate to the physical body and the higher potencies to the mental / emotional based problems.

Homeopathic Reportising
As in all methods of treatment, the first task in helping someone is to take a full case history. A Homeopath may ask many questions which seem to have little relevance but they are building up a picture of the client on all levels. When helping a child, the parents observations need to be taken into account as well as observing the facial make-up of the child, their colour, smell, nails etc.

This combination will produce a picture that can then be compared with a remedy. Each person will have their own unique set of symptoms and their causes will all be slightly different. It is this uniqueness which gives Homeopathy its strength. The root cause of the condition is explored and helped, rather than just palliating the symptoms. This is why the medical profession cannot relate to them. There cannot be a medical blind trial of a particular remedy for a specific condition as each person will need and utilise the remedies specific to them.

Quantum Homeopathy
As homeopathy is based on energy, it is easy to take this a step further and relate remedies to the quantum energy field. Remedies made from the 5 Plutonic solids are an example of how our energy field can be supported energetically.
The quantum field is the energy that the physical body draws on. The more balanced and supported the quantum field, the more balanced and supported the physical body. Everyone’s quantum field is individual and specific to that person.

All the energy fields around us are changing their frequencies. This means that the way our physical bodies respond to energetic healing, including homeopathy is also changing
Our quantum fields are subtly changing frequency with the new energy. These homeopathic remedies help to recalibrate your quantum field in line with these changes. As your quantum field is individual to you so are the effects of these homeopathic Plutonic solid remedies.

The 5 plutonic solids are special in that they are the only solids that have all their sides the same length, all angles are the same and each point touches the side of a sphere. This is like the development of the first cells of life, described as the Flower of Life sacred geometry. You can find out more in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, which describes the geometry of the first 8 cells of life.

The remedies have also been enhanced by a specific colour. These are colours that are associated with Higher Beings who wish to support that energy
The 5 remedies are as follows, plus the Star Tetrathedron (which is 2 tetrahedrons that form the Merkaba around the body)

Tetrahedron – Carnation, Melchizedek
Cube – Scarlet, Alzibar
Octagon – Golden brown, Ho-ah-oa
Dodecahedron- Parrot green, Henrich
Icosahedron – Cornflower, Angelica
Star Tetrahedron - Violet, Merlin

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