Reflexology as a holistic therapy
Reflexology is an ancient art, with its origins reaching as far back as ancient Egypt and possibly further relating to Indian medicine and acupressure. Modern reflexology was rediscovered in America at the beginning of the 20th century.
It can also be considered a science as it deals with the principle that there are reflexes on the hands and feet that correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. It is more than just a foot massage. By using a finger and thumb pressure on these points reflexology aims to rebalance the body's flow of energy-

Reflexology works by:

Relieving stress and tension by promoting relaxation.
Improving blood supply to all areas of the body
Helping nature achieve homeostasis.
Treating the person holistically.
Encouraging self responsibility and health.
Having a positive effect on body, mind and spirit.
Creating general harmony and balance.

Reflexology works on the whole person on all levels at each session but it is not a medical treatment and does not claim to treat or diagnose a specific problem. It should also be remembered that everyone is an individual and will therefore respond to a session in their own way. It is often said that Reflexology can help all conditions but not all people!

After a treatment
You can experience an increase in energy and sense of well-being and generally feel relaxed.
Because of the cleansing effect of reflexology, the body will try to eliminate any toxins as quickly as possible to restore balance. Sometimes these cleansing responses can be experienced as headaches, increased bowel movements, increased nasal discharge or simply feeling tired.
The answer to any unwanted responses is water. This helps to flush the system through and it is suggested that you drink extra water especially after a treatment.

What can Reflexology Help?
Because reflexology is holistic, it treats the whole person stimulating balance and harmony within the body generally and does not concentrate on specific conditions.
However it may be helpful in many common problems such as:

Stress, tension and fatigue
Emotional upsets and insomnia
Back and neck problems
Sinuses, food sensitivities and skin disorders
Circulatory disorders
Digestive complaints
Menstrual problems and the menopause.

Around 75% of illnesses are due to stress (environmental, nutritional, emotional, mental) therefore the relaxing effects of reflexology are very beneficial.

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