Make Your Diet a Recipe for Health

'Make Your Diet a Recipe for Health' will help you make an informed decision about your own personal dietary adjustments for improved health. Each person has individual needs and sensitivities / allergies, which could help such conditions as arthritis and some cancers. Not all foods are equal!

'Make Your Diet a Recipe for Health' is a combination of chapters 1 and 11 of 'West meets East'. It is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the impact of various food groups on the body. As everyone is unique it is up to each person to discover the optimum diet to maintain health. This book will help you have a greater understanding of 'We are what we eat'.

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Introduction to Dis-ease, including the Disease Time Line and The Laws of Cure
Individual dietary requirements, including the importance of maintaining the correct pH balance
The importance of Water, Coffee, Carbonated drinks, Fruit juices and drinks, Alcohol and the Candida link.
Milk, the osteoporosis link, its mucus forming property, Allergy and sensitivity, Cow's milk alternatives.
For optimum energy, Cooked v raw, Organic v Inorganic, Macrobiotics – yin and yang, The rainbow diet
Animal husbandry, The effects of being vegetarian on Stamina and Life span, pH balance
Vitamins and minerals, Pulses, Belladonna foods, Anti-cancer foods and Anti-oxidants
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and the dangers of hydrogenated fats
Sugars, Blood Sugar problems and mineral deficiency, Chocolate
Antibacterial properties of sugar, Fruit, The dangers of Artificial sweeteners,
Grains, their Energy, nutrients and pH balance, Wheat and gluten sensitivity, Mucus forming and drying grains
Supplementation, Why supplement, help for the common cold
The benefits of Herbs and Spices and the dangers of MSG and Salt
Possible dietary changes.
Diet alternatives
Nutrient sources

'Make Your Diet a Recipe for Health' contains 46 pages and 23,000 words and is a must for any natural practitioner working with energy.

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