The Five Elements

Traditional Chinese Healing is based on the theory of the Five Elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each one relates to different organs and systems in the body which are affected by different emotions.
Energy flows through the elements on a daily and annual basis. When there is an interruption in this flow it can manifest as a disturbance in the body's energy field. We sense this disturbance as physical and emotional problems.
If we can decipher the subtle clues given out by the body by understanding the five element association then we are in a much better position to make any relevant corrections.

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The Five Elements Explored is a combination of chapters 2, 3 and 10 of West meets East. It is mainly aimed at natural therapists to help them develop a more holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. It is particularly invaluable for reflexologists, kinesiologists, acupuncturists and any therapy that takes an holistic view of the client.


Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.
Tracing the Universal flow of Energy through the five elements.
The Five Elements.
How the five elements relate to the organs and the environment.
Shen or creative cycle, Ko or controlling cycle.
The Five Elements explored in detail - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal / Air, Water.
The Body Clock.
The basic principles of acupuncture meridian flow through the organs according to the time of day.
Meridian Disturbances.
How to stimulate the acupuncture meridians.
Fingers and toes as diagnosis.
Controlling body temperature.
Body piercing, jewellery and scars.
Explaining different reflexology charts and the Italian 5 element approach.
Physiognomy and the Five Elements.
Reading the face, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, voice and hair for clues to meridian disturbances.
Nails, feet, hands and body language.

The 5 Elements Explored contains 56 pages and 23,000 words and is a must for any natural practitioner working with energy.

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