Natural Therapies

At the Multi-therapy Centre I offer a variety of natural therapies including homeopathy, kinesiology, reflexology, massage, Indian head massage, reiki and ortho-bionomy. These can be mixed and matched for your individual requirements and preferences.

Acupuncture - Energy Meridian Balancing

One of the best known natural therapies is acupuncture. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are energy meridians that flow around the body. Blockages or disruption to these energy flows often manifest as illnesses. Acupuncture can remove the blockages in the meridians, bringing balance and well-being back to the body.

Generally needles are inserted into one or more of the points found along the meridians. As well as needles being used the meridians can be stimulated in many other ways. One of the most practical is by finger pressure (Acupressure) and one of the easiest is with the application of tiny magnets on the points. These are particularly useful to help with muscle and joint pain.

The meridian energy can be improved during a massage, Indian head massage and through a reflexology treatment where many acupuncture points are worked as part of the treatments. The acupuncture meridians are the basis of Kinesiology and are therefore balanced as part of the session.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are spinning vortices of energy within the human energy field that connect you with the universal energy. It allows the Life Force Energy to give you vitality both in the physical and etheric body. The human body has seven main chakra energy centres that help to transform the faster subtle energies into the slower denser energy that makes up your physical body. Each of these chakra centres relates to one of your seven endocrine glands that release subtle and very powerful hormones.

Base - Red, adrenals, kidneys vital energy, intestines, grounding
Sacral - Orange, gonads, creative energy, emotions and fear
Solar plexus - Yellow, pancreas, liver, stomach, stress, the will
Heart - Green or pink, thymus, heart and lungs, hate/love, guilt, grief
Throat - Blue, thyroid, expression and communication, personal truth
Third eye - Indigo, pineal, brain, insight into life, perception
Crown - Violet or whit/gold, pituitary, spiritual connection and trust

Chakra imbalances can be corrected in many ways using natural therapies for energy healing such as with crystals, colours and reiki.

Flower Essences

There are many different collections of flower and gem essences from all around the world. The 38 Bach Flower essences are made from trees and flowers which were originally based on those found by Dr. Bach around Oxford. He documented their positive attributes that could be used to help temporary negative states. They are chosen according to the emotional and personality traits of the individual. Flower Remedies are helpful in coping with emotional difficulties like grief, anger and depression.
A mix of up to five essences can be used together as can be found in his well-known Rescue Remedy. This particular mix can be extremely useful in many situations which need to be calmed – physically or emotionally. Many situations seem better in a clear light.

Homeopathic and Energetic Medicines

Homeopathy is a form of natural healing that promotes the patient's own healing abilities. It concentrates on treating the person rather than the disease.
Remedies are derived from many different sources - including plants, minerals and metals. All remedies are diluted to such an extent that no trace of the original substance can be found making them extremely safe to use. Succussing the remedy imprints the energy characteristics of the original substance onto the water in which it is diluted. This energy is then matched to the person's set of symptoms to raise their body's healing potential.
For instance, when stung by a bee the skin becomes red, burning and swollen. Apis Mellifica, the remedy made from the bee sting, is a useful remedy for treating any skin complaint where there is similar redness, burning and swelling.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on a massage to the head, neck and shoulders. It also works on the acupuncture points of the head, face, upper back and chest and various kinesiology stimulating areas. These help to bring further energy and healing not just to these areas but to your whole body. The benefits of an Indian Head Massage include easing stress and tension and helping with local aches and pains.


Kinesiology uses muscle testing to determine imbalances or disharmonies in mind, body and spirit. It has a whole range of techniques to correct these imbalances. Kinesiology uses the body's biofeedback system, taking the guesswork out of imbalance diagnosis and treatment. Each muscle has been found to be linked to an emotional, nutritional and energetic system of the human body. Imbalances in any one of these body systems will lead to a weakness in the corresponding muscle. i will often use kinesiology to assess the best combination of the natural therapies available.


Swedish massage is a fairly firm treatment working directly on the skin and underlying tissue. It improves lymph flow to all the organs and muscles and instils a deep sense of relaxation. Massage is a good form of preventative medicine as it removes stress and works on all of the meridians at each session. But don't wait for a problem to occur or a bit of spare money to experience a massage.

Metamorphic Technique

A gentle light touch applied to the feet, hands and head that helps you to find your own development or metamorphosis. It aims to bring you in touch with prenatal influences that may be interfering with your soul purpose. By bringing these to the fore and letting them go allows you to the chance to go forward with more ease.

Nutrition and Diet

All natural therapies are more effective when your nutritional status is also corrected. The human body requires food to build, power and maintain it. Hence nutrition plays a huge role in health and general well being. In a modern world of fast food and high stress, we are often not eating or absorbing all the nutrients that our body requires. We could also be eating foods or additives which may cause unwanted responses - Kinesiology is used to assess the nutritional status of an individual, including food sensitivities and vitamin and mineral imbalances.

Ortho-bionomy - Mechanical Adjustment

There are 206 bones attached to hundreds of muscles in the human body. Muscles need to work properly and bones need to be in correct alignment for the optimum flow of blood, nerve impulses, lymph etc. around the body. Illness often means muscle strain or bones are out of alignment interrupting this flow. Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle bone realignment which brings the physical structure of the body back into balance.


Every part of the body is reflected in the feet and hands. Using a deep massage to either it will improve blood, nerve and lymph flow to every part of the body. The feet are most usually worked but when they can not be used, the hands may be worked instead. As the meridian ends are found on both the hands and feet, they too are being worked at every session. Reflexology can be used on acute conditions or on a regular basis for relaxation and prevention.


Reiki is a hands on healing system using the Life Force Energy (Oriental Chi/Qi) running through the bodies' meridian system and chaka system. Based upon the principles of Oriental Medicine, Reiki teats the patient in an holistic manner to address the imbalances that trigger off the disease process.

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