Kinesiology Work Shops

Subjects covered in a weekend kinesiology work shop include:
The general principles -
Muscle testing, Energy flow, Neuro-vascular and Neuro-lymphatic points

Testing muscles -
such as the Supraspinatus, PMC, Latisimus dorsi,
Psoas, Facia lata

Additional techniques -
including Finger modes, Surrogating

Procedures to support the emotions -
Emotional Stress Relief, Bach flowers, Temporal tap,
Fears and phobias, EFT, Brain integration,

Procedures to support the physical body -
Food sensitivity testing, Nutritional Supplements,
Dehydration, Breast congestion

Procedures to support learning -
Cross crawl, Ears as aerials, Switching, Lazy 8s,
Visual inhibition

The cost for the weekend is £100

You can also go to Marlborough Summer School for a week of food and supplement testing

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Click here for information about Cross Crawl Brain Exercises

Click here for the Indian head massage chart that shows the neuro-vascular points on the head

For Reflexology Courses and Natural Therapies,
Including Homeopathy, Kinesiology and Reflexology
In Marlborough, Wiltshire

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