Indian Head Massage Charts

The Indian Head Massage Chart depicts various diagrams that would be useful to all massage therapists.
They include:
*the Acupuncture points on the face head and upper torso that may be worked on:
*the Back-shu acupuncture points down the spine that relate to each of the internal organs:
*the Kinesiology neuro-vascular areas on the head that improve blood supply to each organ:
*the 5 element organ associations on the head.

All these points and associations are fully explained during the course.

These various diagrams make up the A4 double-sided laminated chart.



(These charts are the property of the School of Holistic Reflexology and are purposefully not shown to their best advantage to avoid illegal duplication.)

Indian Head Massage Chart Price List

The chart has the acupuncture points of the face, head and shoulders and the 5 elements associations on the head on one side and neuro-vascular points on the head, acupuncture points on the chest and back-shu acupuncture points down the spine on the reverse

       Fully laminated chart including post and packing £10.00

For further information please contact the School of Holistic Reflexology.

To order a chart please make cheques out to Cyla K. Higley and send to the School of Holistic Reflexology

Orders are normally processed within 3 working days.

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