Old Reflexology Course Prospectus

School of Holistic Reflexology
Level 3 Reflexology Diploma Courses in Wiltshire

To develop knowledgeable, skilful and competent practitioners in the healing art of Reflexology.

By the completion of fifteen months training, course participants will be able to:-

Understand the Theory of Reflexology according to original principles
Have a sound working knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Identify and Assess a clients needs and propose a course of treatment that will improve their overall health
Inform clients of the Benefits, Limitations and Responses to a treatment
Perform a Reflexology treatment according to the Client's needs
Apply an holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of the client
Support and advise the client throughout the treatment including the use of self-help techniques
Evaluate and modify the treatment as required
Make an informed Judgement as to the Effectiveness of the completed course of treatment
Advise on the availability and suitability of Support Therapies, such as nutrition, counselling and referral services
Set up a Practice in a professional and competent manner conforming to good Code of Ethics and any relevant laws
Understand and apply good principles of Health and Safety
Appreciate good Reflective Practise leading to improved personal performance

Course content includes:

Reflexology History, Theory and Practice
Considering a treatment and Special cases
Referral and Helper areas
Relaxation techniques and Light touch reflexology
Full treatment
Hand reflexology
Out side client studies
Taking a case and Record keeping

Natural Therapies and Subtle body energy
Reflective practise

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Conditions of the feet
Practice Management, Setting up a business and Accounts
Advertising, talks and demonstrations
The practitioner and the Law
First aid, Health and Safety

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