Starting a Family

An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

Why do You Want a Baby?
Conception is the by-product of a perfect spiritual, loving union of two being. Sexuality is a joy of the physical body to b e experienced without fear, guilt, anger or shame. Women and men are the yin and yang of the very essence of universal energy. Bringing the two together so that they meld as a single unit is the ultimate union. The pleasure experienced is like the ultimate pleasure and love that surrounds and flows through all and everything in the universe. The ultimate love. When two physical bodies express this love with physical union, they literally become one as the man penetrates the woman and she draws up his seed into her body. This seed, the union of the two, is nurtured in a loving, protective environment until it is time for another soul to borrow the physical form for its growth and development.

At least this is the highest ideal of conception. Anything that affects this ideal can have an effect on its conclusion – that is, if conception takes place or not and the circumstances and feelings that surround it. As all actions, words and thoughts become part of us and we are the sum of our experiences, then everything that we have thought, heard and seen about love, relationships, children and families will colour our thoughts about having our own family. As all thoughts precede action, then negative thoughts and experiences can affect our bodies physically.

If our childhood was happy and loving and we saw that children complemented and were part of a happy relationship, then we will want to reproduce that experience as we grow up. If on the other hand, there were events in our childhood that were not so pleasant and children were seen as a chore or a hindrance to life, then we are less likely to want to reproduce that experience or the reverse may be true and we feel that we want to show our parents / the world how it should be done. As the word says, reproduce. These events literally affect the reproduction process.

It was often thought that having children was a biological necessity, a natural urge that we have no control over. But we do; both consciously and subconsciously. May be it is a conscious pleasure we are looking forward to or may be a subconscious experience that we wish to learn from. As the human race moves forward on its spiritual development, it is time that we made each conception the start of a pleasant journey for both the parents and the child. This child that we have undertaken to nurture and support is the beginning of another era – the new generation leading us, humanity, towards the light.

So when deciding to start a family, the first question to ask yourself is "Why?". Why do you want to bring children into the world?

Are they to complement a loving relationship, or are they to hold together a rocky one?
Are they an expression of your love, or are they to fill a gap in your life?
Are they your soul's purpose, or are they an excuse for not doing something else?
Are they a result of living fully in the moment, or are they a means of living your life through them?
Are they a natural and loving extension of yourself, or are they a means of providing an heir and some one to look after you?
Is this a joint conscious decision or are you being pressurised into it by other family members or society?
Is it what you want or to prove someone else wrong?

An important consideration is to be honest with yourself and your partner. Make sure it is what you both want at this time. It not only takes two to conceive a child, it also takes two to support and nurture that child for the rest of his life. Yes! Not just until puberty, or until you get bored, or you feel too old, children are for life not just for the good times. The interplay between you changes for sure, but the bond you created can not just be broken because you have had enough or changed your mind. However you treat your children in those early informative years will surely come back to you as time goes by and you begin to rely on them more and more for their support and nurture.

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