Are Children Spiritual?

An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

The new child has his own decision to make in the days following birth – will he stay with this body and fully inhabit in human form? Some spirits take many years to allow themselves to be fully conscious of their physical form. The saying "to be grounded" seems to express this perfectly. Many of your child's early experiences can be attributed to his spirit leaving its body more regularly than it does in later years. This may be why there is also a saying "give me a child until seven and you have them for life". It seems that after seven years of age the spirit more or less stays grounded in its body.

Are children spiritual?
All children, all people are spiritual. The way that this manifests is totally individual. All paths lead to the same place but some are longer and more convoluted than others. To ask if a child is spiritual is like asking if ice is made of water. Nurturing the pure spirit in a child is a very precious job, a privilege. It is all too easy to dismiss their visions and comments as childish fantasy. We would often do better ourselves to adopt a childlike approach to life to gain maximum pleasure and benefits.

If a child is continually being stamped on he will either begin to believe that his ideas are rubbish or fear them and push them away. Later in his life this fear will stop him from fully expressing and exploring his spiritual development.

There is much we can learn from our children or rather than the other way round. Each generation seems to be building their spiritual knowledge on the foundation of the previous one. Not only are they younger when they start enquiring but also the depth of knowledge and understanding is getting deeper all the time

In the present time, when the veil between the dimensions is getting thinner very quickly, the new children are changing and adapting very quickly. Even their DNA has changed to allow them to take advantage of this thinning veil. The scientists label the unused DNA as junk DNA. Nature never made anything unnecessarily! In the coming years the unused DNA will start to activate as the whole of Earth's population prepares to shift frequency.

The change is very rapid, much more so than the normal evolutionary process. Humanity has been waiting for this time. There is no time to gradually adapt, so the dormant DNA has been waiting. That is why we, and especially our children are so privileged to be alive at this time. A unique time for a unique species. So many new spirits are coming into physicality to experience this and our privilege is to watch and learn from our children. Yes they are spiritual, and so are we all.

How Can You Help?
So what can you do to help the process? First is not to ridicule your child and help him to understand. As not all children will have the benefit of this understanding yours may find that he feels odd amongst his peers. To make him feel comfortable and "normal" with his expression of spirituality before he mixes with other children regularly is important. Then when he goes to school the other children will benefit from his strength of conviction.

Very young children will happily play with invisible friends without fear of ridicule from their playmates. It seems to be the formal setting of school that interferes with this. Older children may mock and your child, wanting to fit in, may hide his true feeling and thoughts.

Teachers too unwittingly play their part. A child may draw a picture of mummy and daddy in many colours and surrounded by a rainbow of colours. The teacher, thinking that she is helping to develop the young artist will correct him or question why daddy has a blue face or mummy a yellow head. Children have no reason not to draw what they see, so perhaps they are! It could be that your child is drawing your chakras or the auras around you. Or may be there is some other hue that his finely evolved and untainted senses are aware of and we have forgotten.

It could be that the colours represent his feelings for his parents. All vibrations, sounds, thoughts, emotions are a frequency that can be expressed as colour. At present our senses can only pick up a small range of these colours. Different animals have different ranges and this applies to people. Colour blindness is another variation of how colours can be perceived. Some children have a heightened perception of colour and wish to express it with a very limited range of physical colours available. Instead of dismissing their attempts at expressing the hues and colours around people we ought to be open to their lessons. We could learn much from our children's untainted perceptions.

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