Pregnancy and Birth

An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

The nine months of gestation is a very important time for both the developing fetus and the parents. It is a time to develop a rapport; time for the parents to make any changes in their lifestyles; and a time for the spirit of the potential new life to adjust to its future denser vibration. There are times when these adjustments appear too much and the contract made is terminated. This will then lead to a miscarriage or termination. It is also possible that these may occur as the result of the contract. In other words, a spirit needs to experience only the conception for its current growth. It will then enter into a contract with another spirit that may need to experience the loss for its growth. This may appear hard to take in but once realised it makes the process less painful.

It is still useful to acknowledge this potential spirit child and thank it for its lesson before you both move on. If the decision was for a termination, then let go of any guilty feelings. Be sure that the decision is yours and you have perfect choice. Then whatever choice you have made will be honoured and there will be no purgatory or hell if you are not ready for a family. Know that your guides support your decision and that you are helping out another spirit by giving them the experience they need.

To lose anyone is a sorrow but it is only ours, not theirs. To 'die' means to be taken back into the light – and what could be better! The grief is our fear; fear of loneliness, fear of not being able to express a feeling or share an experience with that person, grief could be considered as selfishness. So look at your grief and release your loved one, either born or unborn, into the light and be joyful for them.

A termination is a hard decision to make under any circumstances but these have been made even more difficult by the introduction of legislation – the basic right of all people – born and unborn. Does the unborn child have the right to life? Some say that, as the spirit does not fully enter the child until after birth, that it is not a true human being until after birth. Its spirit can connect with another physical body if it needs to manifest a physical life. Others will argue that that the physical form is what makes the foetus human and it therefore has the right to live it out. There are no rights or wrongs, just differences of opinion – all of which are valid and lead to different life experiences.

When this decision has to be made, emotions, both personal and society's, often cloud the issues. The main one being, what gives the parents and child the greatest soul experience, not necessarily the easiest but the best? If you can communicate with the foetus it will help to establish this and in most instances it will not matter to the potential spirit, so look to what makes your own heart sing. If the termination is being contemplated due to an abnormality, are you as parents looking forward to bringing that child into the world? If so, great do not let anyone dissuade you. On the other hand, if you feel that you will not be able to cope for any reason, and your heart is filing with dread, then may be it is right to stop the pregnancy. If the doubts are based in anxiety there may be ways that you have not explored in order to be able to cope. If so, take time to explore all options and ask for help before making this decision, for once made, it can not be reversed and possible guilt, anger and grief will start to have negative effects on you which can affect you and any future child adversely.

The decision is a lot harder for parents the further through the pregnancy that the child is lost. For the mother, certain biological changes have taken place which take time to reverse and are a constant reminder to her. The loving support from a partner at this time is very beneficial especially when the change of hormones plays havoc with her moods. Unfortunately, because her changes, physically and emotionally, are more noticeable, the partner is often expected to bury his / her own emotions in order to support her. If this happens the emotions can become suppressed causing problems later on, so try to keep the lines of communication open or talk to a professional counsellor. A friend may be supportive but may be too close to give the help needed.

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