Ortho-Bionomy Work Shops

What to expect
This 2 days of Ortho-Bionomy training is open to anyone who wants to learn an easy way to re-align the energies within our body's structure. It does not carry a certificate for insurance but you will earn CPD points.

You will learn to correct imbalances in the neck, back, hips, knees and shoulders as well as working on internal structures.

The structure of the work shop will cover:

Introduction - the general principles. Plumb line alignment
Techniques to help shoulder, neck, whiplash and the upper back pain
Techniques to help hips and lower back pain
Techniques to help bunions, ankles, knees and elbows
Techniques to help internal complaints, constipation and hernias

Cost for the 2 day work shop is £100

There are no work shops planned but if a group comes together one can be arranged.
Contact the Multi-Therapy Centre for further details

Useful books on Ortho-bionomy:

A path to self help by Luann Overmeyer
A practical manual by Kathy L. Kain.

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Useful search terms; Moving bones without force.