Letting Go

An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

The Dolphin Children
Children that grow up in love and trust of the natural order of the universe will contribute to its development and it to theirs. They will work together like a finely woven cloth.

To be in tune with nature and observant of its finer workings will bring a greater understanding than all the class work can ever give them. this is the way true learning, it is woven with understanding.

This insight will allow them to be aware of how their bodies work and when a disharmony has been created. When you watch a sick animal it will naturally do what is best for itself – eat the right herb, hide away somewhere warm and quiet in order to recuperate. By watching how our fellow inhabitants live will bring an inner knowing of how to live our own lives. Allow the children to observe nature and mimic those actions that will enhance their lives.

When newly born it is natural for a mother to want to be with her child a lot of the time. unfortunately, with modern day pressure, she may feel guilty just BEING with her child. But it is the Beingness that will set him up for life. Allowing him to feel her presence, knowing that she is there for him whenever he needs her and can feed whenever he feels hungry )for babies are not greedy, only satisfying their current needs) will remind him that the God / Source energy is in each and everyone of us and is there for the asking.

Coming into a human form is a blessing and a service to further our co-creation but in human terms it is not always an easy path. To help remind him of the Source will set him up to progress along his path more fully aware.

As a parent you have taken on the privileged position of guiding him through his initial years until he is ready to be more independent. As parents we do not own our children. They have chosen us to be their guardians / protectors and we have agreed to be part of their early support and guidance they will need. This is a two way beneficial contract. There are many things that we will have the opportunity to learn from their birth and development, just as they will learn from us. But each generation builds on the preceding one. Our children may be in our image but they are not us. We can not live our lives through them, this would only hold them back. Each generation will have its own set of experiences and each will take yet another step up the ladder towards fulfilling the destiny of mankind. For there is a destiny and each and everyone of us plays a part in its progress.

Gradually we as parents need to give our children more space to develop and follow their own individual learning path. We need to trust that their own inner authority will guide them better than any authority we try to impose on them. This is a hard lesson for any parent to accept that their once vulnerable baby can listen to its own inner wisdom.

The First Separation
Often when a baby is first born he finds it had to come to terms with his physical body and its needs. He may have tried to delay his birth to allow his spiritual energy vibration slow down enough to match his physical vibration energy. Children that had to have help to be born may need help to unite fully into their bodies as they had not come to terms with it. they may feel ungrounded, alone, confused and this may manifest as difficulty in feeding or breathing. They may find it hard to accept the physical nurturing, hoping to rely on the spiritual that they are use to. When this happens, the mother can feel guilty that it is somehow her fault.

Careful support and patience is needed to enable the baby to accept his new surroundings and help the mother comfort and reassure him. Any anxiety from her will be picked up by him and not knowing what it is about may make him feel that he indeed should not be in his physical but. But where else could he be?

Being human allows him to forget his Source. After birth the baby may not be physically attached to the umbilical cord but spiritually he will always be. Spending time after birth to reconnect with his mother and allow the energy to strengthen between them is extremely important. The housework can wait or other can help out but there is only one person who can strengthen the bond between the new entity formed in the baby and the physical world, and that is his mother. That is why there has always been reverence for the mother figure. Not only does she nurture his growth but she is the intermediary between his physical and spiritual body. it was through her that this was able to happen. Her womb was his play ground for his spiritual being to manifest into a physical entity ready for play. For that is what life is about – to PLAY and EXPERIENCE.

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