The Learning Process

An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

What is Learning?
What is learning and why do we want our children to learn? Learning is a way of acquiring life skills in order to survive on this planet while the physical body goes through its process of allowing the spirit to experience the physical world through a variety of senses. There is no right or wrong just more knowledge. Which is more important knowledge or wisdom? We seem to be in an era of airing knowledge but without the necessary wisdom to apply it. it would be nice to thing that we can help our children to reverse this. Surely applied knowledge through wisdom is going to be better for us and our planet.

However, all aspects of our learning and experiences will ultimately be fed back to the Source and the spirit left richer by the process. Unfortunately some parents will see learning as mainly a formal education acquired from the school environment and not in this simplistic way. In order to be "successful" there are exams to take, the results of which will indicate a way to follow. There can also be some people who have knowledge but are reluctant to share it. all knowledge should be freely available to everyone. Who has the right to own it?

Learning the complicated skills of communication in all its forms – talking, writing, reading, computer skills are essential these days in order to pass on knowledge and to expand upon it. There is little point in just passing information on unless it is explored, developed and put to the test. The key skills help to support this and other subjects help us to stretch our minds and start to use the large quantity of brain cells that are lying dormant.

Children are very ready to explore and learn given the encouragement and joy to do so. What stifles learning is boredom and discouragement. Very often they can not see why a subject has to be learnt and no one explains it to them. To see geography as an appreciation of other people's cultures, the positive attributes and difficulties they experience would be a real benefit in promoting a unified World and preparation for visits and exchange of views and information. We all have something to offer and other cultures should not be ignored. Learning maths and the sciences could help you build a solid building. What if the "experts" were no longer around, could you build a simple shelter let alone a comfortable house? Even if the experts are around would you know how to check up on them? Talking to our children about the reasons for learning could give them more incentive and therefore more enthusiasm for studying.

Learning can only be positive. It may be more difficult at times compared to others but the 'hardest lessons are presented to the most able students'. All experiences can either be used as stepping stones to growth or stumbling blocks along the path of life. However some children seem have more stepping stones than others and that is where we as adults come in. We can reduce known stressors and increase natural support.

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