An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

What is Health?
Health! What is health? Is it just an absence of disease? What is disease? Is it just an absence of health? Surely health is more than this. Health is a total integration of the classic 'Mind, Body and Soul'. It is the harmonic balance in all aspects of the person. The physical body is the third dimensional aspect of this body but what of the other dimensions? Just because they are not as readily seen does not mean that they do not exist. You can not see the electricity but you can see the light it makes.

In order to maintain the health of an individual all aspects must be considered. To concentrate on solely one brings its own disharmony. In the same way as a person who takes a lot of one particular vitamin only, even though that vitamin is essential for health, could create a deficiency in the others and this could then lead to disease. For example, many women take vitamin B6 to help with Pre Menstrual Tension. If taken by itself it can cause a deficiency in the other B vitamins. It is more beneficial to take the complete spectrum of B's as vitamin B complex.

To help your child to maintain health, remember balance in all things. The earlier this starts the more effective it will be and preconception is the time to start. This has been dealt with in the first chapter. Once born he will rely on you to supply his needs in the same way as when he was in the womb but this time without the filter of the umbilical cord. Whereas his spirit was still conscious of the Source before birth this awareness dulls as he becomes more settled into his physical body. It will be like trying on a pair of shoes, it takes time to make them feel comfortable.

The human body, like all living bodies, was designed to replicate, grow and repair naturally. It has innate systems that are designed to maintain it without conscious thought. Just because man does not understand the function of all the parts, organs and systems that make up the human form it does not mean that they are obsolete. The human body is a very powerful organ but its power is rarely fully utilised. Our understanding is still very limited; in fact it could be likened to be at the primary school of human understanding. If a child does not understand something, the adult does not write it off as insignificant. So do not underestimate the power of the inner knowledge of your body.

Your physical body is aware of its other aspects and interacts with them constantly. It is not in your best interest to interfere with this interplay, for this is what keeps you healthy. How often have we seen man think that he knows better than nature? Always nature wins in the end.

Man tears down trees - and the soil erodes
Man feeds animal products to vegetarian animals - and they become sick
Man burns fossil fuels - and the air quality and ozone layer are affected

In the same way, that to survive on this planet we must respect her and her resources, we would do well to respect the living vessel that houses our spirit. By respecting the planet the quality of the air, water and food will be maintained and this is a good start to maintaining our own physical health. The Earth, humans, animals, plant, we are all made up of the same materials.

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