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An experiential guide to help parents bring children into this world in a fully integrated and natural way

Immediately after Birth
There are many decisions to be made in the time immediately after birth. It seems that no one will leave you alone to get on with process of supporting a new life. In the first hours after birth you will be offered various tests which could interfere with the bonding process and the early feeding experiences. Sometimes the reason for the body's action only becomes some years later.

For instance, why does the level of iron in pregnant women reduce just at the time when it is needed most? Despite supplements it sometimes does not come up to an allopathically acceptable level until after birth when it suddenly returns to normal. There must be a natural reason for this and it could be that nature intended the woman to be less active. It could also be that nature intended that you increase foods that naturally contain iron because they contain other important nutrients as well, which have not yet been identified as essential. Taking extra iron could put a strain on your baby's liver, which could even lead to neonatal jaundice. Artificial iron supplements are generally more difficult to absorb and excrete, which could affect your bowels as well as your liver.

Many babies are born with, or soon develop this type of jaundice and need to be under an ultra violet light for a few days to disperse it. This has the effect of disturbing the bonding process and making him too tired to breast feed properly. As extra fluids are needed, he then tends to be given formula milk or glucose water, neither of which is natural for a new born baby.

You will also be offered the vitamin K injection. There is no real medical evidence that this will be beneficial and you need to ask more questions as millions of babies have been born and developed quite naturally without man trying to improve on nature. If you have lived a healthy and natural life for the past nine months then it is quite possible that nature has provided everything for your new baby. Sometimes we not see the reason for something until sometime later and then we realise that nature had a very good reason. Even if you do decided to go ahead, why not wait a little while until your bonding wait is stronger – nothing is so urgent that it has to interfere with this.

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